Our Impact

How YOUR generous donations helped change children's lives

Your wonderful support helps give sick kids access to the most advanced clinical programs money can buy. It helps us create a healing environment with entertainment and care for the whole family, making every stay in hospital as comfortable as it can possibly be.
Every sick child deserves a happy, healthy life and there is always more we can do to help. Thank you for your loyal support.

Helping Erin start school with confidence

Erin was a bubbly, active three-year-old when she was diagnosed with a rare cancer in her shoulder called Ewing’s sarcoma. Three months after her diagnosis, Erin had her right scapula removed. She then endured 17 intensive rounds of chemotherapy and major surgery, fought infections and lost her beautiful red hair – all before her fourth birthday.

A sample of Erin’s rare tumour is now stored at the Queensland Children’s Tumour Bank and could potentially save hundreds of other lives. Tumour Bank researchers, whose work is funded by donations to the Children’s Hospital Foundation, are making incredible breakthroughs in the way we diagnose, treat and cure cancer.

Last year, Erin celebrated the end of her treatment and started her first year of school – something her mum, Rebecca didn’t dare dream about during their countless hospital admissions. “She’s just another normal girl. The children never question why she has short hair or why her shoulder looks different. She leaves her hospital band on all the time and wears it as a badge of pride,” said Rebecca.

The power of music

We’ve all heard stories about the power of music. At the Queensland Children’s Hospital, our Music Therapy Service uses the healing power of music to connect with sick children and their families and motivate and enhance the recovery process.

For many sick kids, music therapy is an integral part of their rehabilitation and recovery. Music helps build, or rebuild, important neurological pathways that help sick kids regain control of their language, speech and coordination.

Research has shown that music can be used as a powerful therapeutic tool to engage different areas of a patient’s brain to achieve physical, emotional and social outcomes. Doctors and nurses observe that children receiving music therapy services require less pain medication, have decreased anxiety and perception of pain, and are better able to cope with long-term, rigorous treatments.

Thank you for bringing the wonderful healing power of music to our sick kids.