Collect online

Create your own fundraising page

Fundraising as part of Nine Telethon is one of the most powerful ways you can help sick kids. You can make a difference and with your support, the wonders will never cease and the care will never stop.

Setting up your own telethon fundraising page is a simple and easy way to collect donations for sick kids. Get started by creating your page, uploading a profile pic and adding your personal story of why helping sick kids is so important to you.

Then share your page with your friends, family and workmates and ask them to show their support by making a donation. You can thank them directly on your page and post blog entries as you go.

Our top tips for fundraising online

  • Be the first by donating to your own page you are showing your commitment to your fundraising and setting the benchmark for other donations.
  • Update your supporter page – keep your donors and potential donors updated with your progress, how is the fundraising going? What obstacles have you come across, what are you really enjoying etc.
  • Tell your story – let supporters know WHY you are doing what you are doing, they want to know – share your passion.
  • Let people know how much to donate – e.g $20, $50, $100
  • Thank your donors – let them know their donation has been noticed and appreciated.