Critical Equipment

Providing life-saving equipment for critical care

The Children’s Hospital Foundation invests in state-of-the-art medical equipment that changes the lives of thousands of sick and injured kids and their families.

Childhood burns are a painful and traumatic experience. Children must endure months or sometimes years of treatment, countless skin grafts and often, lifelong scars.

Scar tissue caused by a burn does not stretch and grow. Many children require skin grafts, which can mean 80 operations or more until they’re fully grown. Often, the severity of the injury is too great and means permanent scarring. These scars require years of surgery and are long-lasting, often permanent reminders of their traumatic burn experience.

There have been significant advances in technology for treating burns, including fractional CO2 laser treatment. Thanks to the support of donors like you, the Children’s Hospital Foundation has just purchased this new, life-changing laser technology for the Children’s Burns Centre.

In medicine, lasers create a specific therapeutic response, transforming light into heat. In a burns scar, the laser melts the old tissue away, allowing new skin to grow. The long-term outcome is reduced emotional trauma, depression and anxiety. Children are more likely to heal faster and go on to lead happier, healthier lives.

Our burns and trauma team at the children’s hospital is excited by the possibilities of this new technology.

This ground-breaking new treatment will improve scarring, functionality and self-esteem for children with severe scarring. On behalf of the children we care for every day, we thank you sincerely for your financial support. You are changing lives.

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