Mia, 2 years, leukaemia

Mia, 2 years, leukaemia

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When Mia’s parents Ryan and Rhianne noticed their daughter was limping, they never dreamt their beautiful two-year-old had cancer.

Thank you Queensland!

Together we raised $12.3 million to help sick kids

Children's Hospital Foundation

The Children’s Hospital Foundation works wonders for sick kids by funding life-saving medical research, investing in vital new equipment, and providing some amazing entertainment, family support and care programs for sick kids. Our incredible volunteers are there to support little patients while they are in hospital, helping them to laugh and smile, get better and go home with their families. Everything we do is made possible by the generosity of our partners and supporters. With your help, we will continue to fund research to achieve faster diagnoses, better treatments and ultimately cures for some of the most devastating childhood illnesses and injuries. There’s a lot you can do to support a child with an injury, serious illness or life threatening disease. You can donate money to help save precious young lives. Donate your time to make a difference at our children’s hospital. Or raise funds for vital research and equipment, spread smiles and support families through difficult times. You can make a difference and with your support, the wonders will never cease and the care will never stop.
Children's Hospital Foundation
Children's Hospital FoundationJanuary 17, 2017 at 3:16pm

The letter D was on everyone’s lips this morning as we welcomed very special Guide Dogs Queensland puppies to the hospital.

The 'Litter D' puppies showed us all what it is like being a very important guide dog for visually impaired people, but they were still just your average puppy playing in water puddles and running around having fun with our sick kids.

Stay tuned for next week's Juiced TV episode where we get the inside scoop on how much a Guide Dog puppy has to learn to help visually impaired people in our community.
Children's Hospital Foundation
Children's Hospital FoundationJanuary 12, 2017 at 6:45pm
The Brisbane Heat played their toughest match yet this morning, against 5 year old Will at Lady Cilento Children's Hospital.

Alex Doolan, Marnus Labuschagne and Alex Ross had to use their quick reflexes and put on their best game face as they battled an intense game of Dinosaur Snap.

After finishing Dinosaur Snap, the boys visited a few more hospital rooms for a surprise visit to swap cricketing tips as well as a few jokes with the kids.

Thank you to the Heat players for helping us bring smiles to the faces of our kids. Stay tuned for their exclusive interview on Juiced TV!
Children's Hospital Foundation
Children's Hospital FoundationJanuary 11, 2017 at 3:14pm
Celebrating the life of Bella, who sadly passed away yesterday after a two year battle with bone cancer.

Bella and her family are treasured ambassadors of the Children’s Hospital Foundation. Bella shared her story at last year’s Channel Nine Telethon, supported the Woolworths regional token campaign in 2016 and was a popular, regular host on Juiced TV.

Bella has made an impact on the lives of so many at the Children’s Hospital Foundation, and will be remembered for her radiant smile, her strength and determination to fight childhood cancer, as well as her care and concern for all those around her.

May you rest in peace beautiful, brave Bella.
Children's Hospital Foundation
Children's Hospital FoundationJanuary 5, 2017 at 10:54am
The school holidays are a busy time when families are preparing for the new school year, and enjoying the summer break.

But it takes seconds - only seconds for a child to drown in the pool, at the beach or in the bath. A child can drown in a matter of seconds, in the seconds it takes for a parent to walk away or turn their back.

Listen to our Paediatric Intensive Care Specialist Dr Adrian explain why children are at risk of drowning.

The Children's Hospital Foundation is proud to support this message, so our kids can continue to enjoy the water safely this summer #ittakesseconds
Children's Hospital Foundation
Children's Health Queensland & Lady Cilento Children's Hospital
Please share this important water safety message to help keep kids safe this summer. #ittakesseconds Proudly supported by the Children's Hospital Foundation
Children's Hospital Foundation
Children's Hospital FoundationJanuary 3, 2017 at 2:50pm
Wow! What an incredible year 2016 was for the Children's Hospital Foundation and Juiced TV!

Our sick kids and their siblings were the stars of the show all year, as they wrangled slithery snakes, caught up with therapy dogs, celebrated the olympics, rubbed shoulders with the biggest stars and more!

Juiced TV is made possible by the Children's Hospital Foundation. With your generous donations, we can continue to provide a range of programs and activities which makes an often traumatic and sometimes long-term stay in hospital more bearable for sick kids and their family.

To donate, visit www.childrens.org.au
Children's Hospital Foundation
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